About the Product

WordPress Theme Training

Working with WordPress is being basic requirements of any business.  Learning the in’s and out’s of a new theme isn’t always the easiest task to take on.  Without training of WordPress themes you may stick with what you’ve got  may not get your desperate needs. With our WordPress Theme Training you will get one half hour session over the any easiest platform of  communication with our Webstars Lab Theme Experts , You will learn to operate your theme and shorten your process to develop new and fresh look website. Our Experts will help you to be expert in your theme and you will never again have fear of changes and never pay again for setting up your theme.

What you get with this service

  • 1:30 minute voice or video conference with Webstars Lab Theme Expert.
  • Training on how to work with theme you purchased on any market.
  • Audio and Video of Training on your email, that will help you for future reference.
  • Free next 6 months support and help from WebstarsLab Theme Expert.



  • Our Webstars Lab Theme Experts may have many appointments and must keep all training’s to 1:30 minutes so that appointments do not overlap
  • PLEASE NOTE It is preferred that you have your theme installed before your Training begins.  If you want WebstarsLab Team to install theme also buy this package :  Install WordPress Theme On Your Site

Typical turn around time

1 to 4 days ( As per your time and time of our team )